Tell us about the real IZIS? 
My real name is Isis. I grew up in London, and later moved to Paris. I’ve always had a love for fashion and drawing, which made me want to become a creator when I found out about IMVU.
How long have you been creating?
I started back in 2012. I would mainly create hairs, but then I tried making clothes. Over time my textures have gotten better.
How do your family and friends feel about IMVU? 
My family and friends are very proud of me and they like seeing me do something that I love!
What’s your favorite color?
My favorite color is Nude. I like neutral colors because they match with any other color, so you can’t get tired of it.
Where do you think you will be in 20 years?
Well, I don’t know if I’ll be here in 20 years to answer this question, by that time I hope i’ll be a happy mother, have a good husband, and a nice house, Haha.
What advice could you give to upcoming creators?
I would tell them to not hang around a lot of people to avoid drama. To also be aware of trusting “just anybody” because you have to keep in mind that IMVU is a game. Everyone wants to shine, and they will do whatever it takes. (even if it means stabbing you in the back) to accomplish it. Be sure to stay in your own lane and work hard!
How do you feel about trends and originality on IMVU?
I honestly worked incredibly hard to succeed because it was never easy to be new on a game and get mocked or threatened by creators that were already known. You just have to stay strong and keep pushing. I made this possible by staying true to myself and I never put tags on my products or boosted them. I’ve always tried to be original even though it’s hard because now-a-days everyone makes the same things on IMVU, so it’s important to add your personal touches to it. You can never be better than the person you’re trying to copy, that’s why you have to be yourself. I hope I inspired you to never give up…
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